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RE Global Solutions, Inc. is a service-oriented trading company committed to supporting and expanding our global customers.  We provide domestic and international companies help with their custom manufacturing needs and help with sourcing competitively priced and high-quality products.

We assist with long-term relationships with foreign manufacturers, distributors, and agents. RE Global Solutions, Inc. brings over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, design, and technology to the table to help you compete in the global arena.  Our global team is available to monitor quality and expedite delivery of your products.

RE Global Solutions, Inc. is located in Folsom, California.  We are in close proximity to the San Francisco Bay area and Oakland ports.  Our relationships with shipping companies and agents, as well as networking capabilities have helped give our clients an immense competitive edge.

Many global customers rely on our experience, personal relationship, commitment, and ability to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices.

RE Global Solutions, Inc. is committed to helping you become a market leader.

Make your business more competitive by contacting RE Global Solutions today!

(916) 215-7425

RE Global Solutions, Inc.

Re Global Solutions, your import/export trading company specializing in custom product manufacturing. We help small and large U.S. based companies source and produce competitively priced products.


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